Warranty Information

Alberta’s Premier New Home Warranty Provider
“The Program” was founded in 1974 to provide a comprehensive package of warranty protections and promote higher standards of performance within Alberta’s homebuilding industry.

Some 41 years later, the program is Alberta’s most experienced, most trusted new home warranty provider. We’re focused, more than ever, on performance, professionalism and value – the cornerstones of every successful relationship between homebuilders and their customers.

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Warranty 1

ONE YEAR – Labour & Materials
Coverage of defects in materials and labour (e.g., baseboards, flooring fixtures)

Warranty 2

TWO YEARS – Distribution Systems
Coverage for defects in materials and labour related to delivery and distribution systems (e.g., heating, electrical and plumbering systems)

Warranty 3

FIVE YEARS – Building Envelope
Coverage for defects in the building envelope. which the Act defines as the system of components that seperate the controlled interior air from the exterior (e.g., roof and exterior walls)

Warranty 4

TEN YEARS – Structural
Coverage for the key structural components of your homes (e.g, frame and foundation)