All About Zero Lot Line Homes 1

All About Zero Lot Line Homes


Starting in mid-2023, Douglas Homes will be building in the exciting new community of Crimson Ridge, located in NW Calgary. This premier community will feature beautiful single family front attached garage homes, some of which will be located on zero lot line lots.

So, what are zero lot line homes?

Unlike single-family homes that have a setback on each side of the home, a zero lot line home is built right up against the side property line. On the other side of the home there will be a five-foot mutual access easement between you and your neighbour’s home to allow for maintenance of both properties and help preserve privacy. This design allows for more efficient use of the land and can help to increase the density of housing in urban or suburban areas.

The exterior wall that sits along the side property line is constructed under the same standards as a fire separation wall that an attached home would have. This includes type x gypsum, and ensuring no protrusions or window glazing is located in that wall, which ultimately increases the safety of the home despite being closer to the neighbouring lot.

All About Zero Lot Line Homes 2

Traditional vs. Zero lot line lots

Zero lot line single-family homes can offer several benefits, including:

1. More Affordable:

Because zero lot line homes are built on narrower lots, they can be more affordable than traditional single-family homes, making them a popular option for first-time homebuyers or those looking for a move-up home at a reasonable price.

2. Less Maintenance:

With less outdoor space to maintain, zero lot line homes can require less upkeep and maintenance, which can be a major benefit for those with busy lifestyles or who simply don’t enjoy yard work.

3. More Privacy:

Unlike townhomes or duplexes, zero lot line single-family homes offer a higher level of privacy, as there are no shared walls or common spaces.

4. Urban Living:

For those who want to live in an urban area, zero lot line single-family homes can be a great option. They allow for more efficient use of available land, which can be particularly important in densely populated cities.

5. More usable outdoor space:

One perk of zero lot line homes is rather than having narrow yard space on either side of the home, there is a larger yard on one side of the home. This allows for more space to play, entertain and enjoy time outdoors.

Overall, zero lot line single-family homes offer a unique and efficient housing option for those who want to live in urban or suburban areas. Whether you’re looking for an affordable starter home or looking to build a bigger house at a more affordable price, a zero lot line home could be the perfect fit.

Contact the area sales manager, Jacquie Troughton at to discuss floorplan options in this exciting new community! Click here to learn more about Crimson Ridge and all it has to offer.