Benefits of living in Calgary’s surrounding areas 1

Benefits of living in Calgary’s surrounding areas


When you are looking for that perfect home, location typically takes top priority. Downtown Calgary draws in the young and social professionals while the suburbs are attractive for families. If you are looking for the convenience of the city with a little less hustle and bustle, look no further than the communities of Airdrie, Chestermere, and Cochrane.

These areas offer the quaintness of a small town with big-city amenities and plenty of lush green open space. What are you waiting for? Here are a few reasons to make your next move to one of Calgary’s surrounding areas.

More home for less in Airdrie

Living in Airdrie has many benefits. You will appreciate being able to purchase a quality new home for a great price. If it is space you are after, you will enjoy living in a house situated on a lot larger than in most new Calgary communities, offering plenty of room for a garden, an extra garage, or a backyard retreat to play with your kids.

Airdrie’s neighbourhoods are safe so you can sleep peacefully at night. Enjoy a late evening stroll in one of the many local parks or spend a lazy Sunday afternoon with your family fishing in the local pond. Airdrie’s Lanark Landing neighbourhood guarantees a playground within 400 meters of your home. With quick access to major highways in all directions, you’ll be happy you chose Airdrie as your home.

Chestermere’s outdoor oasis

Chestermere proudly represents itself as an accountable, connected, transparent, inclusive, viable, and ethical city. This ACTIVE community is one where you can find many pathways to bike, run, or just wander. One of the main attractions is Chestermere Lake where skaters, snowmobilers, swimmers, and boaters can take advantage of activities year-round. Are you looking for a great place to have a picnic? Look no further than the lakeside parks and beaches where you can be a spectator to all the happenings on the lake.

Marina Paradise is one of the newest areas in Chestermere that offers a variety of cafes, grocery stores, and schools. With a high walkability score, Waterford is another active community within the city that you can call home. It’s no wonder Chestermere home builders have chosen these 2 locations at the top of their list.

New homes in Cochrane

Are you curious about new homes in Cochrane? Waking up to a beautiful backdrop of the Rocky Mountains every morning is just one of the reasons you will want to call this town home. The Bow River is another breathtaking landmark running through Cochrane where you can enjoy an afternoon stroll or skip a few stones across the water.

New homes in Cochrane are being constructed in the Precedence neighbourhood surrounded by nature and with quick access to Banff. If you love watching the sunrise and sunset, look no further than beautiful Cochrane for your new home. Sunset Ridge offers amazing views from atop the foothills and it is just minutes from downtown Cochrane where you will appreciate the variety of shops and services.

It is the little extras that make the difference when choosing a place to settle down. Cochrane Hill is bountiful with wind sports like hang gliding and paragliding in the summer and offers amazing views of the whole town any time of the year. Don’t forget to take a trip to one of the most famous Cochrane haunts, McKay’s Ice Cream for a treat after a day out in the wind. Not only can you get a sweet treat in Cochrane, but you can watch a drive-in movie in the field, head to the Farmer’s Market for local produce, or get out for a day of motocross activities. Cochrane has an adventure for everyone…

No matter which of these locations you choose, you will be sure to find all the comfort and amenities of Calgary, only with a little more open air to breathe. So, which road are you going to take to your new home?