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From Office Spaces to Dream Spaces: How Remote Work is Redefining New Homes in Alberta


What used to be the exception and not the rule has quickly become the norm – the shift towards remote work. Young professionals now have the flexibility to choose where they live based on lifestyle, affordability, and personal preference. And what destination holds more promise than the thriving province of Alberta?

Alberta is known for its stunning natural beauty and vibrant cities. Yet one of the prime advantages of Alberta is the relatively lower cost of living and affordable new homes compared to major cities like Toronto and Vancouver. You might afford a spacious home in a prime location, deck out your dream home office, save for future goals, or simply enjoy the multitude of recreational activities Alberta offers.

In the last couple of years alone, Alberta has seen a shift in real estate trends – more people are looking for new homes where they can live, work, and play.

Alberta’s Evolving Real Estate Trends

Remote work has significantly influenced the real estate industry in a variety of ways, reshaping buyer preferences, property values, and housing market dynamics. Here are some key ways in which remote work has impacted real estate:

  • Shift in Location Preferences – With the ability to work from anywhere, many people are opting for homes in suburbs, rural areas, or even different cities where they can find more space, better amenities, and a lower cost of living. Calgary’s surrounding areas have seen an uptick in new home buyers, including Cochrane, Airdrie, and Chestermere.
  • Demand for Home Offices – The need for dedicated home office spaces has led to increased interest in properties with sufficient room for work setups, such as extra bedrooms, dens, or converted spaces.
  • Rise of Hybrid Spaces – Buyers are seeking properties that offer flexible living arrangements, with multifunctional spaces that can easily transition from work to leisure and family activities.
  • Impact on Urban Centres – Some urban centres have experienced decreased demand for properties in city cores as remote workers prioritize larger homes and open spaces over proximity to workplaces.
  • Property Value Changes – The demand for homes with specific remote work amenities, such as home offices, outdoor spaces, and high-speed internet access, has led to an increase in property values for homes that offer these features.
  • Influence on Design and Architecture – Home design trends are evolving to accommodate remote work, with a focus on creating functional and aesthetically pleasing workspaces within the home.
  • Long-Term Flexibility – Many homebuyers are now looking for properties that can accommodate their changing work arrangements, allowing them to seamlessly switch between remote work and occasional office visits.
  • Seller and Buyer Behavior – Sellers are highlighting remote work-friendly features in their property listings, and buyers are more likely to inquire about home office setups and connectivity options.

Douglas Homes: Innovative, Functional & Stylish Homes

One of the key ways Douglas Homes is staying ahead of the curve is by recognizing the increasing demand for flexible living spaces. The modern homeowner, often a young professional juggling work commitments, is seeking a home that seamlessly adapts to their changing needs.

Douglas Homes’ designs are characterized by versatile layouts that can easily accommodate remote work setups, provide designated areas for relaxation, and offer ample space for family activities. By integrating multifunctional rooms and open-concept designs, our designs effortlessly cater to the demands of modern life.

Here are a few features of a home built by Douglas Homes:

  • Walk-Out Lots – At Douglas Homes, we love constructing homes on walk-out lots conveniently situated near picturesque lakes and within a comfortable stroll of neighbourhood amenities, subject to developer guidelines and area regulations. Our residences frequently feature spacious double or even triple-car garages, offering ample room for storage, recreational equipment, and extra vehicles.
  • Custom-Built Additions – As you step inside our new homes, you’ll be welcomed by tailor-made built-in elements like benches, coat hooks, and supplementary storage spaces. Reflecting the ever-evolving dynamics of modern families, a considerable number of our floor plans feature a versatile main floor flex room, serving as a flexible space for various purposes. This room seamlessly transforms into a home office, a craft haven, or can even be adapted into a private suite with its own access to a full bath complete with an accessible shower.
  • Open Space Concept – Open space kitchens, nooks, and great rooms hold a special allure for families who enjoy entertaining. Our homes boast subtle design elements that elevate their charm, including distinctive niches for showcasing treasured items, elegant floating shelving, and eye-catching fireplaces framed by upgraded tiling and luxurious features that serve as captivating focal points.
  • For the Growing Family – Designed to accommodate expanding families, our floor plans offer the perfect fit, featuring bonus rooms, two to four bedrooms, and models with two to four and a half bathrooms. Within our master bedroom retreats, a sense of harmony is cultivated as symmetrical en-suites await, complete with dual walk-in closets and vanities for him and her. Unwind in the elegant embrace of a beautifully tiled shower, or indulge in relaxation within a luxurious soaker tub that invites the warm sunlight to envelop you.

Explore New Homes in Calgary

If you’re in the market to purchase a new home, the city offers a diverse selection of residences characterized by modern designs and functional layouts. With a variety of neighbourhoods to choose from, each with its own unique attributes, prospective buyers can evaluate factors like urban accessibility and suburban tranquillity.

These homes are tailored to accommodate today’s practical needs, including remote work, offering features such as open floor plans for increased space utilization and modern amenities that align with the demands of modern lifestyles. At Douglas Homes, our quick possessions and spec homes offer a pragmatic blend of comfort and convenience, allowing you to make informed decisions based on your specific requirements.

Browse our home plans or contact us to learn more. You deserve a home that you can call your personal oasis!