What you need to know before buying a townhome 1

What you need to know before buying a townhome

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Deciding between a Single Family home, condo or Townhome? Not sure if a Townhome is right for you? Read on to learn more about Townhomes and how they might work for you and your family. We might be biased, but we think they are a great choice, particularly our townhomes in Airdrie and Chestermere!  

Your all in one guide to Townhomes

You’re all in one guide to Townhomes

You own the interior AND exterior of the home

Townhomes differ from a condo in that ownership includes both the home’s interior and exterior, which can be a small yard or patio and/or detached garage, like our townhomes in Airdrie.

Townhomes differ widely in size and structure and are defined as multilevel residences attached by a communal wall to another residence. Unlike a condo, you won’t share the ceiling or floor with another occupant. Not having units above or below minimizes disturbances and is a perk, particularly for families with young children and pets. 

Some Townhome buildings have condo fees, and some don’t

The townhomes we currently offer in Lanark Landing, Airdrie, and Marina Paradise and Waterford in Chestermere do not have any condo fees, but this isn’t true for all townhomes, so be sure to ask! 

Of course, no condo fees means you are responsible for the exterior maintenance of your unit. However, the benefit is that you aren’t tied to a monthly payment out of your control.

It is actually really difficult to hear your neighbours 

North American building codes, and those for Townhomes in Chestermere and Airdrie, are designed to ensure sound transmission between units or homes that share a wall or floor is limited. They use a rating called Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings, which describe the performance of the separating wall, floor or ceiling assembly. 

The minimum requirement is 50 STC, and our townhomes are built with a 57 STC rating. This means that you can relax in peace and quiet in the privacy of your own home – or of course, that your kids can run around screaming without disturbing the neighbours. 

Townhomes can offer all the rooms and storage found in a Single Family Home

With three bedrooms, including a master bedroom with a walk-in closet and ensuite, separate upper floor bathroom and laundry, main floor bathroom, large great room, full kitchen with island and dining area, our townhomes truly do offer everything you will find in a Single Family Home – at a much lower price point. In addition, unlike a condo, our Airdrie Townhomes come with a backyard, deck, and double detached garage. 

In summary, townhomes cost less than a single-family house, provide more room and privacy than a condo, and are easier to maintain with a smaller (but big enough!) yard and fewer exterior walls. For these reasons, they make an excellent choice for families, roommates or those living on their own. 

To learn more about the Townhomes we have available today in Chestermere (Marina Paradise and Waterford) and Airdrie (Lanark Landing), please visit the Quick Possessions page on our website. 

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