5 Benefits of Front Garage Single-family Homes in Precedence, Cochrane 1

5 Benefits of Front Garage Single-family Homes in Precedence, Cochrane


If Cochrane is known for anything, it’s the incredible views of the Rocky Mountains in the skyline, the western charm, and the quaint downtown area. Cochrane is a town that offers modern living with the serenity of nature, creating a lifestyle many can only dream of. 

Precedence is one of Cochrane’s newest and most sought-after developments within this vibrant community. Precedence offers over 1000 acres of breathtaking natural habitat in a natural reserve, promising an elegant and modern living experience influenced by the surrounding nature. 

The latest community from Douglas Homes has front garage single-family homes in Cochrane. With a long list of features that set these residences apart, offering convenience, beauty, and an unmatched quality of life, Precedence is a community to pay attention to.

Front Garage Single-family Homes in Cochrane

The Benefits of Front Garage Single-Family Homes in Precedence

Enhanced Curb Appeal

The homes in Precedence are meticulously designed to harmonize with the area’s natural beauty. These newly built homes contribute to the community’s overall curb appeal, featuring earth tones, deep, rich colors, and natural stone. The architectural design enhances the neighborhood’s visual appeal, creating a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

Convenience and Accessibility

One of the most practical benefits of single-family homes in Cochrane is the convenience and accessibility they offer. Homeowners enjoy easy access to their homes, making daily routines smoother, especially in harsh weather conditions. The front garage provides ample storage space and the practicality of unloading groceries or outdoor gear directly into the home, adding a layer of convenience to everyday living.

Privacy and Security

The homes in Precedence offer an added layer of privacy and security. The garage acts as a buffer between the main living areas and the street, minimizing direct views into the home from passersby. This design feature ensures that homeowners can enjoy their private spaces without compromise, enhancing the sense of security within the community.

Efficient Use of Space

These homes are designed to make efficient use of space. Including a front garage allows for more backyard area, enabling homeowners to maximize their outdoor living spaces. This thoughtful design encourages a lifestyle that values indoor comfort and outdoor enjoyment, ensuring residents can make the most of Cochrane’s stunning natural environment.

Community Design and Lifestyle

Precedence’s commitment to an attractive and chesive community aesthetic is evident in the design of its front garage homes. This architectural choice reflects a broader vision for a community that values natural beauty, outdoor activities, and modern conveniences.

Single-family Homes Interior in Cochrane

Living in Precedence, Cochrane

Precedence provides an unmatched lifestyle that other Cochrane communities don’t offer. Its proximity to natural reserves and parks, like the Ghost Reservoir Provincial Park, and the convenience of just a 30-minute drive from Calgary’s downtown offer residents the perfect balance between urban and natural living. The community spirit of Cochrane, with its amenities, recreational activities, and historical sites such as the over 100-year-old Rockyview Hotel, adds to the charm of living in Precedence.

New Single-Family Homes in Cochrane from Douglas Homes

Front garage single-family homes in Precedence offer a rare combination of convenience, beauty, and lifestyle. These homes are designed with the modern homeowner in mind, providing practical benefits while enhancing the community’s aesthetic and spirit. If you’re seeking a balance of urban living and natural relaxation, consider the lifestyle benefits of a new home in Precedence.