Living in Chestermere with Douglas Homes 1

Living in Chestermere with Douglas Homes


Chestermere is the quintessential example of a quiet and quaint city. Situated within the Rocky View County of southern Alberta – just east of Calgary – this memorable municipality has a lot to offer in terms of quality of life.

While it may offer a more quiet lifestyle, that’s actually what contributes to its charm and appeal. Even as a smaller borough, there are resources, facilities and everything else you can think of that make this community a great place to call home.

So if you’re looking for new homes in Chestermere, Alberta, the communities of Waterford and Marina Paradise will make the perfect fit. Keep reading because in this post we’ll be diving into 8 reasons you should consider Chestermere as your new home.

1. Small Town Atmosphere

With a growing population of over 20,000 people, Chestermere still retains its easygoing and laid-back ambiance. The residents are friendly and welcoming, traffic is light and life is generally slower. So if an unhurried pace of life is appealing to you, Chestermere would be an ideal place to settle into.

2. Close to the Big City

With Calgary only a 20-minute drive westward, it is a quick and easy drive for those who work in the city. Living in the community of Waterford provides easy access to 17th Ave. and Glenmore Trail. With over 1 million people, enlivening entertainment, shopping for days and plenty of other amenities, Calgary is sure to provide anything you can’t find in Chestermere.

3. Spacious

Even though it’s a smaller community, Chestermere has a big feel. This is due to the spaciousness that envelops the town. You won’t feel congested or suffocated by hoards of people or tons of traffic – in Chestermere, there’s room for everybody! With a plethora of parks and open fields to go for runs, play sports, or walk your dog, you will always feel free in the vast openness this tight-knit community has to offer.

4. Leisure and Entertainment

Many people assume that since it’s smaller than Calgary, that there isn’t much to do here in Chestermere. They couldn’t be more wrong! Chestermere is filled with activities, venues, and recreational pursuits for people of all ages. You can grab a bite at one of the locally-owned restaurants, relax at the beach on a beautiful summer’s day or go for a couple rounds on the golf course, there’s something for everybody here!

5. The Great Outdoors

If you love and appreciate nature, then Chestermere is a place you’ll never want to leave. Surrounded by woodland slopes, rich olive-green pastures and of course, the pristine beauty of Chestermere lake, this is a place that will steal your heart. Its outdoor parks offer their own set of activities that will entertain and engage you. You can go watercrafting at John Peake Memorial Park or just relax and take it easy by the lake at Anniversary Park. Marina Paradise is even a short walk to the Cove Park playground and beach.

6. Transportation

It’s pretty easy and effortless to get across Chestermere. Its small population coupled with its smaller overall size makes getting from one point of town to another quick and efficient. Furthermore, there are also transit and shuttle buses that will conveniently take you to where you need to be. To top it all off, there’s even a commuter bus that will take you to downtown Calgary if you have business in the big city.

7. Great Place to Raise a Family

Chestermere provides a quiet and relaxed environment, and consequently, this makes it the ideal place to raise a family. Children need a space where they feel safe and secure and this is a locality that offers all of that and so much more! Additionally, there are also high-quality elementary, middle and high schools for your children to learn, grow and develop.

8. Strong Sense of Community

There are many local organizations, clubs and groups for people to congregate, converse and connect. There are book clubs, active lifestyle groups, golf circles, etc. So, if a strong sense of community is something that you value, then Chestermere may just be the perfect place for you to call home.