Looking To Buy A Townhome? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Before You Do 1

Looking To Buy A Townhome? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Before You Do


If you’re in the market to buy a townhome, first off – congratulations! This is an exciting time – whether you’re about to purchase your first home, you’re downsizing, or simply relocating. Townhomes offer some great advantages, including less maintenance and yard work for a space that’s just the right size for a small family, couples, a working professional with roommates, or seniors.

As you go through the process of viewing homes, it can be easy to get lost in the excitement. Be sure to ask yourself the following questions that will help you make a sound decision.

1. Where Do You Want To Buy?

First and foremost, you’ll want to narrow down your search to a shortlist of neighbourhoods. The location, community, and surrounding amenities can make or break your experience so this area warrants thorough consideration.

If your family enjoys outdoor activities and summers at the lake, a townhome in Chestermere would be the perfect place to settle down. If you’re looking for a community with plenty of parks, walkways, and a cozy small-town feel, Airdrie is the place for you.

You’ll also want to factor in your commute to and from work, particularly if you work in Calgary. The good news is, Calgary’s surrounding communities are easily accessible with highways Stoney Trail and Deerfoot, adding to the convenience.

2. What Are Your Non-Negotiables?

In other words, what are your needs that can’t be compromised? Do you need ample storage space? An additional bedroom that can act as a home office? A garage? Or a home with the option for a developed basement?
Be sure to make two lists: one for your firm requirements and another one for the features or upgrades that you can do without or add in the future. For example, some homeowners must have an ensuite bathroom but can do without a walk-in closet. Another may need a larger kitchen but can compromise with a smaller dining area. Be sure to detail your preferences and what you need!

3. What Is The Parking Situation?

Although the main focus is on the townhome itself, an important element that often gets overlooked is parking. Assess the area to get a feel of what the parking situation may be. If you’re planning to have guests over frequently, be on the lookout for permit signs and other factors that may make parking a challenge.

Some townhomes have a single attached garage in the front with a small driveway while others have a double detached garage in the back. Some builders make a garage optional to save on costs and offer a parking pad instead. If a garage is on your list of ‘can do without’, make sure you know what the daily parking situation is around the neighbourhood.

4. What Is The Warranty?

Last but certainly not least, before you sign off on those papers, be sure to go over the warranty policies with your builder if it’s a brand new townhome. If you’re purchasing a townhome from the previous homeowner, this information should be given to you by your realtor. You can discuss with a real estate lawyer about the specifics so you can get a good understanding of the details.

This will give you peace of mind should anything happen – you’ll know that you won’t have an out-of-pocket costly expense that is covered under the home’s warranty.